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Staying Connected during

COVID-19 Lockdown

We’ve been thinking really hard about how we can reach out to you, our community members, and help you stay socially connected during this time.

Here are a few initiatives that we’ve come up with that are available to you right now for free:

Tech Support

Tech Support

At times like this it’s so important to spend time with your family and friends, even if it can’t be face to face. There are a lot of great technology options and apps out there that can help us stay connected with our loved ones, but they can be tricky to figure out if you haven’t used them before.

If you’d like help setting up and navigating apps or using your devices, send an email to We’re not IT specialists, just “tech-savvy” people who are happy to help.

Check Ins

Check Ins​

A lot of people come to Epsom Community Centre for social connection and interaction and we want to do the best we can to make sure you’re getting that during this time. We are offering free Check Ins where we’ll get in touch with you for a chat, see how you are, make sure you’re okay and essentially, Check In.

If you sign up to this free service, just let us know what kind of check in you’d like (eg. email, text, phone-call, video-call etc) and how frequently you’d like it (daily, twice a week, weekly etc) and we will be in touch with you. To sign up, email

Coffee & Chat

Epsom Virtual Coffee & Chat


Grab a cuppa and join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for Epsom Community Centre's Virtual Coffee & Chat Group.

Please join us and talk, listen, share stories and advice, stay in touch your community and even make new friends along the way.

This meeting will run from 11-11.30am every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

This meeting will take place on Zoom which is a free video conferencing app. Follow this link at 11am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to join us:

Everyone is welcome! There is no sign up involved - just jump on and join in. You can join us for as many or as few meetings as you would like. This group is set up for you, our community members, so whatever works for you is fine by us!

Social connection is so important for our mental health and wellbeing and is one of the things we really focus on but self-isolation means we need to do this a little differently. This is one of our new initiatives to continue to bring our community together and stay connected.

We can't wait to see you there!



Follow this link to make your free account and download the app:

We're currently putting together some instructions on how to download, sign up and join meetings on zoom which will be posted to our website soon.



Our Virtual Coffee & Chat Group will be hosted by Lucy Jensen who manages Epsom Community Centre. She has a passion for all things community and is always happy to lend a helping hand.

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