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The JP Service Desk at Epsom will now be held on Wednesdays, starting 2nd February 2022

Justices of the Peace

Weekly Justice of the Peace Service Desk available at Epsom Community Centre.

We've teamed up with Auckland Justices of the Peace Association to provide a weekly JP Service desk at Epsom Community Centre.

Our JP's are available for drop-in consultation and services every Wednesday morning from 9.30am - 12pm in the Epsom Community Centre Office, 202 Gillies Ave, Epsom.

If you need a JP outside these times, we suggest you try to locate one on the JP website here:

• All JP services are free
• No appointment necessary

• Please bring all photocopying, printing and documentation with you as there is no photocopier or printer on site

**Due to sickness of the volunteer JPs or holidays, the days/hours may differ. Please phone to confirm.**

Requirements due to Covid-19 - Orange traffic light (Updated 21/01/2022)
  • Vaccine passes are required. If you don’t have a vaccine pass, you may use online or letterbox drop services. These can be found on the Justice of the Royal Federation of NZ Justices' Associations website at

  • Wear a mask

  • Bring your own pen

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